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The 20 Effect was launched back in 2012 to make Liverpool’s streets safer for everyone. It was a huge success, with everybody embracing the slower pace to the city’s streets.

Now, four years on, The 20 Effect has moved into its second phase… Now, it’s all about encouraging everybody to embrace the safer streets and switch to walking and cycling as their primary means of getting around the city.

Walking and cycling is often quicker than driving, and always much cheaper. A walk or cycle in the morning gives you time and space to reflect and relax, leaving you energised, uplifted and all set up for the day.

Not only that, but it gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the city, and interact with it in a way that just doesn’t happen when you’re stuck in a car.

So, have you been considering leaving the car home and walking or cycling to work one day? Take The 20 Effect pledge and see where it can take you.









  • 10th May, 2012