Cycling is Everyone’s Business: Q&A with Wild Thang


Staff morale is just as important as productivity. By introducing cycling as part of the working day it can help keep your staff healthy and feeling good whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation. Being active is a vital tool in helping you and your team to remain creative and on top of your

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Alison on The 20 Effect


We chatted with Alison James, marketing and events officer at Baltic Creative, about her daily commute. Alison talks in her vlog about how walking to work plays a huge part in her wellbeing, whilst taking in the sights of the city helps her to remain creative. Watch the video to find out how you can

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Catherine shares her commute with us


We spoke to Catherine Higgins, managing director at Catherine Higgins Law about her journey to work. In this video, she shares her commute with us, and talks about how cycling plays a big part in her overall wellbeing. Watch the video to find out how you can balance your busy lifestyle with feeling good and

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To cycle or not to cycle?


When I’d get to work, I’d be all sweaty. The roads are too dangerous. I don’t like Lycra. I don’t have a bike. There’s no cycle routes. It’s much slower than driving. I’d fall off! These were just some of the reasons I was given, stood on the side of Castle Street asking everyone and

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